Elder Neser’s First Week at the CCM



O my goodness! I’m a missionary! It’s so amazing to have the missionary name tag on with MY name on it. I can’t believe that I have already been in the Mexico City MTC for a week either. I have learned so much in the past week about the Spanish language and about the Gospel. When people say they learn more Spanish in the first few days at the MTC than a whole three years in high school they aren’t kidding. I am so amazed at how much I already know and am so excited to keep learning more and more each day. My teacher in the morning is Hermano Ramirez and he is a really fun guy who doesn’t know very much English so we always have to speak in Spanish to him. The first Friday I had here they already had us teaching investigators in Spanish!!! Nothing but Spanish is spoken here. The only time that I get to speak in English is when we go back to our house at night and I am with the missionaries in my District and we reflect on everything we didn’t understand during the day!

The CCM (Centro De Capacitacion Misional Mexico) – official name of the Mexico City MTC – is so awesome!!! There are two types of places you can live in, “casas” or “apartamentos.” I live in a “casa” which is basically just a building with a common area and four bedrooms in it with four guys in each bedroom. When I arrived here, I was surprised at how nice this place is. The whole CCM is surrounded by a huge stone wall with barbed wire on it so it is like a little protected paradise and the spirit is so strong here. The guys in my room are all pretty cool. The Elder that sleeps in the bunk above me is Elder Strike and I have a crazy story about him. He lives in Ohio and already completed his freshman year of college at Harvard!!!! HARVARD!!!! But that isn’t the crazy part. Every year his family has a family reunion in Newport Beach where they rent beach houses from Burr White Realty and his family was there the same week we were. And then I remembered there was a Mormon family renting right above us and I described them to him and we figured out that that was his Uncle!!!!! James Pierce!!!!!! I met his uncle!!!! It was crazy and we were both in so much shock. He said he couldn’t go this year but if he had then I would have seen him!!!! hahaha!!! The other guys in my room are Elder Sorenson who is from Utah and my companion Elder Johnson. They are both nice guys and I enjoy spending time with them, but my favorite guy in the district would have to be Elder Strike because we get along really well.

Now getting to the important stuff . . . the food. They serve so much bread here!!!!! Bread rolls for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with bread sandwiches and bread everything but it is all pretty good. It’s taken a little time for my body to adjust to the food. I’m still not regular, if you know what I mean, but I’m getting there. The “comedor” (dining room) is huge and seats hundreds of people. There are over 1300 missionaries here right now, but we all eat meals at different times. This place is so huge!! They have a full size football field and soccer fields as well as a gym and work out rooms. There are a million class rooms and each district has one. Our classroom is in the John Taylor building Room 207. Oh!! There are wild parrots here!!! They fly through the trees and are squawking all the time. And it rains here all the time too. At least once a day we get a heavy downpour and I love it. Everything is so awesome and I am absolutely enjoying the work. I am excited to spend five more weeks here learning the language.

Hasta Luego!!!

Elder Neser


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