No Peaceful Bathroom Break!





Time is absolutely flying by in the CCM! Everyday is so jam packed with exciting events and spiritual moments that it makes everything go by super fast. This week especially went by quickly and I have a super funny, slightly embarrassing story to tell you. Everyday we have language study on the computers with a system the church created called “TALL” (Technology Assisted Language Learning) and it helps us understand grammar and vocabulary in Spanish.

So, after studying on the computer last Saturday, I really had to go the bathroom so my companion and I ran over to the bathroom and I jumped in a stall while my companion was just outside playing the piano. About half way through my bathroom break, the piano music stopped and my companion came waltzing into the bathroom and from beyond the stall I heard, “Elder Nesseeerrrr, are you in here?” I thought that was a dumb question to ask, so I responded with “Nope”, and he laughed and left the room again to start playing the piano. About another minute went by and the piano stopped again and he came waltzing back into the bathroom and from beyond the stall I heard, “elder Nesseeerrr, are you in here?” Another dumb question so I responded again with “Nope!” and he laughed and left the room again and started playing the piano. As he was playing, I thought in my head if he comes back in here and asks if I’m in here one more time, I am going to be very unhappy. But, of course again the piano stopped and I heard him waltz back into the bathroom and say “Elder Nessseerrrr, are you in here?” So I was fed up with his questioning and responded sternly with “Why you gotta always interrupt me when I am doing my business?” And as quickly as he could, he said, “President Pratt (the President of the CCM) was wondering where my companion was. Of course, not believing him I said “Oh really?” and in a deep voice definitely not my companion’s, I heard a slight chuckle and then someone respond with “Yeah, he is! Now hurry up your business Elder”… It was actually President Pratt!!!! Needless to say I burst out of that stall to apologize, but he was laughing his head off. I was so embarrassed but now looking back it was a pretty funny experience!!!

In other news, it hailed this week here and rained really hard!!! The streets looked like rivers and my companion got completely soaking wet. Also everyday now my district has made me the honorary “story teller” in the district so right after lunch everyday I have to tell a different story that I make up in my head. My district is really awesome and I love everybody in it, especially Elder Da Silva. He is from Natal, Brazil and only speaks Portuguese and a little bit of Spanish. His companion is from Arizona and is progressing crazy fast in the language because he can only speak in Spanish to his companion. But it is also somewhat bad because he is learning Portuguese words on accident that his companion says to him. Elder Da Silva and I get along really well because I can understand him the most out of anybody in the district so I do my best to translate for him during district meetings and teach him funny English words. I’m so grateful for the amazing experiences I’m having here, but I can’t wait to get out into the field. I love and miss everybody back home, but I love it here. 

Hasta Luego, 

Elder Neser




One thought on “No Peaceful Bathroom Break!

  1. No doubt that you are the designated story teller! You ought to write the stories you make up down and share them with us too. You are just too cute for words.


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