I am in a trio!



What another amazing week at the CCM!!! This week again was filled with thunder storms and crazy rain but something added this week was that whenever there was a crazy thunder storm the power would go out. The running joke (because it always happens) is whenever we get on the computers to do “Tall,” the power is going to go out, but we don’t mind it because we all usually need a break from language study. The worst timing with a power outage was when I was taking a shower before I went to bed and all the lights went out so I had to find my clothes and towel in the dark to dry off, but it was crazy funny. 

The language is coming along great and I am really looking forward to getting out there and talking to real people in Alabama. I can’t believe that it is September already!!!! It’s insane!! Time is flying by so unbelievably fast for me here in the CCM. It seems like just yesterday I got off a plane in a crazy weird place and started learning Spanish, but I have learned so much since then. In other news, we had an Elder in our district that was from Brazil and he was called to serve in the Mexico City South Mission. This week sadly he had to leave us because he was picking up Spanish a million times faster than the rest of the district so they transferred him to a Latino district for the last two weeks of his stay here. It was sad to see him go because we all really became attached to him and had a ton of fun teaching him words in English and talking about American celebrities he knew. There was a good side to him leaving though! His companion Elder Patchett, who I have become really good friends with was moved into my companionship!! So we are a trio now and I absolutely love it. It’s really interesting teaching in a trio though after learning for two weeks to teach with one companion. I now have to learn how to teach with two, but I think it is great preparation for the field. 

We all cheered this morning when we got on the computers because I got news of the BYU football game and told everybody!!! Then right after that, all of us got to go the temple!!! The Mexico City temple is absolutely amazing!! It’s under construction though so we were only able to go to the Visitors Center, but the Visitors Center is amazing too!! It has interactive videos and games for kids and is huge!! Plus it was really nice to get outside the walls of the CCM and see where all those sounds we hear at night are coming from. Mexico City is a happening place, and what I mean by that is there is a boatload of people here. . .its crazy!!! I love it here in the CCM and I can’t wait to get out in the field. I am so amazed at how wonderful everyone is here and what an amazing job   the church has done with this training center. I love and miss everybody back home, but I am having such a spiritual time here!! 

Hasta Luego, 

Elder Neser


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