Walmart Is A Missionary’s Best Friend



What an amazing week I had! It was once again filled with meeting a host of new and interesting people. I want to share two really short, funny experiences I had this week. First of all, I saw a bumper sticker that is one of the coolest I have ever seen which said:  “I know I am somebody ‘cause God don’t make no junk” – ha!. I thought that was pretty funny. The second experience was seeing a lady with a shirt on that said: “find Jesus (it’s hell if you don’t!)” We got to talk with her for a short time and then all hold hands in the middle of Walmart and say a prayer – ha ha! That’s the other thing here; I have said more prayers holding people’s hands this week than I have in my entire life. They love to do that in the Baptist church so many of the people I meet want to do it with me as well.

Some other realizations that came to me this week are that “Walmart” is one of the best friends a missionary has. For example, their products are really inexpensive for missionaries to buy and you ALWAYS meet the funniest people to talk to in this store – ha ha!  Walmart is one of my favorite places to go to contact people. This week I was also able to contact people around the University of Alabama downtown Birmingham Campus again. UAB has a very nice campus here and I really enjoy going down there and talking to all the people who live in the city.

I also had to give a talk in church this last Sunday. It was my first one in Spanish and I was pretty scared, but I did a good job. At least, that is what people told me. My “overwhelming week one” was over this week too and I began to settle in better and see the fun involved in being a full-time missionary. One of the more spiritual moments I had this week was when we invited an investigator over to a “Family Home Evening” at a members home and I was able to share my testimony of Christ’s atonement and what he did for us, all in Spanish. I am really enjoying it here in Alabama and loving it more and more each day. I miss and love everybody back home, but I am meeting some really fun and interesting people here. Thank you all very much for all you have done and continue to do for me.

P.S. You know you’re a missionary in the south when . . .  you knock on a door and the person answers and says that the Baptists, Protestants and Jehovah Witnesses have already stopped by today.

Hasta Luego!

Elder Neser


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