Ma-maw’s Oranges, Southern BBQ, and Thunderstorms!


Meet the Mormons

It’s October!! What a crazy and amazing week I have had this week! It seems like with every passing week, I love the people here in Alabama more and more and feel like an Alabamian more and more as well. I didn’t think the “y’alls” and “ma’am’s” would invade my speech so quickly, but now I can’t say anything without inserting y’all and ma’am. Whether it is in my head or not, I can really relate to my Missouri ancestors and it feels as though I have lived in the “south” my whole life! That is by no means to say I want to live here when my mission is over – haha! I still love California more than any other place, but it’s fun here in the “south” too. One way that this has been illustrated this week was when I started looking at “oranges” like candy because they were so delicious and I remembered stories my “Ma-maw”, my maternal grandmother, used to tell about eating oranges and relating that to her, they were better than candy!

But anyway, this week was really awesome and spiritual. During the week I was able to get Austin’s phone number and contact him, so we are going to get together on Tuesday and catch up and pick up from where he left off with the missionaries before he left. I can’t wait for that and am so excited! I also received my bike this week!! It looks great and we were able to put it together without any problems. So I am very excited to finally have my own bike. Also, about mid-week there were a few lightning storms that rolled through and when it rains here in Alabama, it rains!! It was so awesome to see. It was so crazy that in the middle of the night on Wednesday, our weather radio in our apartment went off to notify us that there were thunderstorms and it was pretty funny because we were thinking we didn’t need the radio to tell us that . . . we can just look outside, haha! I also had my first taste of real “southern barbeque” this week when my companion and I went to “Saw’s BBQ” and oh my goodness, the south really knows how to barbeque. It was so good and an amazing change of pace from the “tuna fish soft tacos” I make myself everyday with the extravagant food budget missionaries are given – haha!

Conference was absolutely amazing!!!! I enjoyed every single talk and was able to pull so much from it to use as a missionary. Some of my absolute favorites were the “Is it I?” talk by president Utchdorf in Priesthood Session and the concluding talk by Elder Bednar to all non-members. I think that may have been a little build up for the movie soon to come out: “Meet the Mormons!” I absolutely love all the experiences I am having here in Alabama and all the wonderful people that I am having the opportunity to meet. I’m so grateful to everybody back home who keeps me in his or her prayers because I know that it helps me throughout each day. I love and miss everyone.

Hasta Luego.

Elder Neser


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