I am teaching my friend Austin from Irvine!


What a fun and exciting week!!!! So this week was jam packed with crazy people and awesome experiences! To start, I got to meet up with my good friend Austin this week!! Here’s a little background:  Austin and I have been going to school together now since kindergarten and before I got my call to Alabama, he made the decision to go to the Univ. of Alabama, Birmingham! It was absolutely crazy, so I promised him that we would have to meet up sometime and it just so happened that the first area I was called to was here in Birmingham! So we were able to see and teach him twice this week!! It is so awesome to see him and be able to talk with him. It is absolutely crazy that we were both sent to Alabama after living in the same neighborhood back home our entire childhood. What are the odds? And we are going to get together next week too! The Lord works in mysterious ways!

So that was pretty awesome, but not even the craziest thing that happened this week . . . On Friday, we were tracting and we met this very nice fellow named Larry. What happened from the outset was rather than us teaching Larry about the gospel, he started teaching us about everything he believed and he said some really funny things. We have found a few people like Larry while tracting but he is one of my favorites so far. He told us that he eats breakfast with God every morning and that God tells him things that are going to happen. From his conversations with God, he said he was told he needed to talk to us and tell us that the world was going to end in the month of October, 2015. So I guess we all better prepare for that. He was a really nice guy though and we say “hi” to him everyday as he waits to pick up his bus.

We also noticed something really funny about tracting this week . . .the doors that opened for us this week didn’t last week and the doors that didn’t open last week opened this week. That all had to do with football! Alabama lost last week and Auburn lost this week. So we now know all the Auburn and Alabama fans within a few neighborhoods here in Alabama – true story.

One of the last experiences that I have to share this week is something that I probably wouldn’t normally share, but it has happened so many times now that I have to share it. We went up to a woman who was moving some boxes and asked if she needed any help and proceeded to talk with her. After telling her what we were doing as missionaries, she asked us HOW LONG WE HAD BEEN MARRIED? Really? She thought that since we were so well dressed and so nice to talk to that we might be a gay couple.  So you know you’re a missionary in the south when you and your companion are often mistaken for a couple! And on that note I will end. I’m so grateful for all of these funny and wonderful experiences I’m having here in the south and all the people who are praying for me and all the missionaries around the world. I miss y’all and love y’all.

Elder Neser


2 thoughts on “I am teaching my friend Austin from Irvine!

  1. Hi I enjoyed your experiences you are having.Last week I was in Utah for Casey’s wedding. It was at a nuserey. Your Dad, Max, Chloe and Bryan was there. I rented a car so I drove down to Provo. I used my iPhone to get to Chloe house. She show me where Max , and Bryan. My roommates moved out. I am waiting until after Christmas. My brother is coming to stay. I love you so much. Be good Love grandma Neser


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