“Diners, Drive-ins and Dives”and Missionary Work is Awesome!


It was another amazing week in the mission field! It was so jam-packed with exciting and crazy events and people. My week started off in a really positive way because I got to see Brother Eric Kennedy! He was my Young Men’s President a few years back in the Irvine Stake and it was so awesome to see him and tell him about all the great experiences we are having here in Alabama. I also really liked seeing him because we ate at my favorite barbeque place!

Also, early in the week we visited an amazing “part member” family for “Family Home Evening.” They are a great family and we also really like them because we get to practice our Spanish and have amazing Mexican food. This week the family made chorizo tacos and they were to die for. So after I “fattened up” at the beginning of the week with all of our dinner appointments, we thought to ourselves, why stop here? So we finally caved in and went to the “Waffle House” which is an absolutely amazing place to eat. I guess we will call this week my “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” week – ha! So here is my “Guy Fieri” tip for the week: if you are in Birmingham and looking for an amazing place to eat barbeque, you have to go to “Saws,” and if you are looking for a southern staple diner, you have to go to “Waffle House” and if you want to find some really good Mexican food in Alabama, good luck! Hopefully, you know someone – ha!

But, yeah . . . what else? O yeah, missionary work! As much as I do enjoy eating, I’m not out here for the food! I’m out here for missionary work! So the work is going really well! Austin Da Silva has a baptismal date scheduled for November 8 now. We had to push it back one week because we have two other baptisms scheduled for November 1. Those are Spanish-speaking investigators. And I have one really cool experience to share this week. My companion and I were biking back from downtown Birmingham and we had to go up this huge hill to get back to our house and every time I ride up that “dang” hill it is a trial of my faith, especially after eating at the “Waffle House” – ha! But this time I was thinking in my head that I had better get some blessings from riding up this big old hill all the time, probably not the nicest way to ask for blessings, but the Lord still answered my prayer. Right as we got to the top of the hill and not an inch sooner, a guy waved us down who was on the side of the road and motioned us over. He didn’t speak a word of English and it was amazing and lucky that we were Spanish-speaking Elders. He then told us that we needed to come over to his house the next day for some reason we couldn’t understand and then he drove off.

So the next day in the evening, we went over to the address he gave us and a young man, his son, answered the door. He invited us in and his dad was cleaning up the place and we sat down and talked for a little bit and it turns out that this man’s son is a “return missionary!” What are the odds? HIs family is from the Dominican Republic and the dad has been living here for almost ten years now, but the rest of his family is still in the Dominican Republic. So anyways, the man flagged us down because his son has been unable to find the church building here in Birmingham. He also wants to take the missionary lessons and be baptized himself so he can know what his son knows! It was crazy and amazing! It was a crazy testimony builder for me that people are being prepared to hear the gospel and all we have to do as missionaries is find them.

I’m having a great time here in Alabama and absolutely love the work. I miss and love everybody back home and hope everything is going all right.

Elder Neser

P.S. You know you’re a missionary in the south when you run into three times as many preachers in a day as you do atheists.


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