Diego is baptized!


What an amazing week!!

Lots of crazy exciting things happened this week for me in the mission. First of all, at the beginning of the week I got a new companion named Elder Gunther who is from Logan, Utah and a really fun guy! We also had another Elder come into our District named Elder Ruano who is from Guatemala and speaks fluent Spanish and English. So he really helps us all with our Spanish skills! The funny thing about my district though is that I am about a foot taller than everybody in it so I look like a giant in comparison – ha! After transfers though we had the chance to go out to eat at a BBQ place called Jim ‘n Nicks and it was really good.

This entire week we have also been preparing Diego (an 11 year old we have been teaching) for baptism. So we saw him everyday of the week and I really love that kid because he has such a strong testimony and loves absolutely everything about church! And at the end of the week on Sunday morning, we were able to baptize him and confirm him right after Sacrament Meeting!! We were really tired because the baptism was at 8 and we had to get there two hours early to fill up the font. Thank goodness for daylight savings! But it was a very spiritual day and so unbelievably amazing to see somebody enter the waters of baptism! I can’t wait to help other people get to that point and be baptized as well.

Diego’s baptism was really the highlight of the week, but we had a bunch of other really cool experiences as well. We got to teach a man named Manuel, a referral from the sisters, who grew up in Honduras. In Honduras, when he was a kid, Mormon missionaries ran into him and taught him! And when he saw the missionaries the other day, he stopped us and wanted to talk with us again about the gospel and he is progressing really well! We also had the chance to watch the CES fireside last night by Elder Hallstrom and that was a really awesome fireside! I absolutely love the new Christ videos that the church is coming out with! They are awesome! And that is about all from this week! It was such an amazingly spiritual week! I know that this church is true and that Heavenly Father is putting people right in my path everyday! I love this work so much and I love everybody here as well as back home! Until next week!

Elder Neser


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