Missionary Work in the South is going great!



What an amazing week here in Alabama!! There were a lot of really funny and cool experiences this week. To begin with, last Monday night we had a Family Home Evening night (Noche De Hogar) with the whole branch where I am serving. There is only one problem with get-togethers in our branch. Nobody in the branch has a house because everyone lives in apartments. So where did we hold the gathering? We crammed 40 people into a little apartment to have Family Home Evening – ha! It was crowded, but really fun! There was lots of really good food and referrals and what could be a better situation for a missionary? In addition, we worked on getting closer to the members in our branch and bringing the members closer together too. This is something we needed to work on as a branch: more parties and more unity! So we have been doing that and it has been working out great.

Somewhat connected to that experience, the next day we were contacting referrals that people had given us the night before and we ran into a guy that was really fun to talk with. He was wearing a Duck Dynasty shirt, had a cigar in his mouth and a cap on backwards and called us to come over and talk with him. When we greeted him, without even skipping a beat, he began to explain the whole Bible to us cover to cover and why all the churches that he had ever attended were wrong because they didn’t claim to have the priesthood and didn’t baptize by immersion, not knowing that the LDS church does all these things. And my companion and I looked at each other and said, “well, have you ever heard about the Mormons?” We had a great conversation with him about how the church was true for pretty much all the reasons he just stated. Also, we impressed him a lot because we knew how many books were in the Bible when he was trying to question us (I only know that because I have been questioned about it many times before as a test to see how well I know the Bible) If you are wondering, there are 66 books in the Bible. It was great to listen to this man tell Bible stories because he acted them out while sitting on his lazy chair on his front porch. It was hilarious and entertaining! But we had to hand him off to the English- speaking Elders, so I hope everything goes well with him!

Later in the week we had another awesome experience when we ran into a guy named Hugo who I had contacted the first week I was here in Alabama but was never able to find afterwards. He is a really solid guy and asks such inspired questions and has such amazing answers to everything. I’m very excited to see him progress in the gospel!  It has been an awesome week and I absolutely love the people that I am meeting and the new things that I am learning.

Hasta luego!

Elder Neser

P.S. You know you’re a missionary in the south when you know how many books there are in the Bible to prove you are a Bible scriptorian


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