The “Mugshot Challenge” and the Birmingham Temple


I had a fantastic week this week in the mission field! It all started at the beginning of the week when I let my “mouth run a little bit” about how much I could eat before my mission and how fast I could eat it. I told my district about my 12-patty hamburger from In-n-Out and my attempted “gallon of milk challenge” and many of the other food feats I have attempted over the years. So on P-day they presented me with another food challenge called the “mug shot challenge!”

It’s basically a three-patty hamburger (but huge) and a whole platter of fries and you have to finish it in under 12 minutes. If you accomplish this, your meal is free and you get a free t-shirt. I attempted, but alas I failed. I was, however, very proud of how far I got and maybe later on in my mission I will have to try it again – ha! See the pictures attached!!

But moving on to missionary work! This week was a week of service! I performed a whole lot of service, almost more than my whole mission combined! On Tuesday, we helped paint apartments and then on Wednesday we helped people move and then on Thursday we helped make tamales for people to eat. It was really great and it opened the door to a lot of potential investigators.

Then on Friday, almost a perfect end to the week, we were able to attend the temple here in Birmingham! It is always so amazing going through the temple. I am so glad I have that ability on my mission! Also something rather momentous that occurred this last week was I hit the one year anniversary mark for my back surgery! I can’t believe that it has been a full year, but I am so grateful to the Lord for how quickly I recovered and the chance that I have to serve a mission now.

On Sunday, we were able to see Francisco who I talked about last week and he is now a progressing investigator! He is really interested to know if the church is true and to read the Book of Mormon completely. He believes there is a God and Jesus Christ is our Savior, but besides that he doesn’t really believe in too much else so we are just filling him with information about the gospel, which is really awesome!

The end of the week was a little rougher than the beginning though and I caught a little bit of a stomach bug (that’s why I am writing this a day late). I am feeling much better now though and looking forward to this upcoming week! I am so grateful for all the wonderful times I am having here in Alabama and all the wonderful people I am meeting! I love and miss everybody back home and wish you all a Merry Christmas season!


Elder Neser


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