Merry Christmas!!


I can’t believe it is the week before Christmas! I’ve had a terrific week here in Birmingham. I absolutely love the Christmas season and especially being in the mission field during this special time! This week has been full of wonderful spiritual experiences and meetings and opportunities to get to know really fun people. Some of the people we are teaching right now include a guy named Rodrick and another named Lucky. Rodrick is a guy who has been taught by missionaries before and who is very receptive to the gospel and everything about it. Lucky is another man that we found tracting and who just loved the idea of young men walking around all day, talking about Jesus Christ with people so he invited us in. Both of these people have such a strong love and desire to be closer to Christ in their lives and we feel it every time we go over to their homes.

This last Saturday was a really fun day because we had a mission Christmas party in the morning and then at night we were able to attend a “ las posadas” with Francisco and Sylvia, two people we are teaching right now. Las posadas as it was described to me and as I experienced it is when a many friends and family members get together and eat a lot of really good food and then go to a designated person’s home with a baby that is supposed to represent the baby Jesus. Then after they present the baby Jesus to that house, there is another party that goes on with more food! It was an awesome cultural experience and I got to eat a lot of really good Mexican food and walk around in a group of people carrying a baby.

The people we were with explained that this is a Catholic tradition, but that nobody at the party was actually Catholic and they just do it as tradition now (and it’s also an excuse to have an awesome party). Francisco and Sylvia are such nice people and so Christ-like. It is so great teaching people about Christ and how we need to be more Christ-like when they are already so much like Christ. During this Christmas season, I have really been trying to focus on being more Christ-like myself in everything I do and I would like to invite all of you to the same. My Mission P resident always says, “We are a mission that teaches the Savior’s words, and performs the Savior’s works.” Do both! Merry Christmas to everybody and I hope your holiday season is absolutely delightful this year! I miss and love all of you!


Elder Neser


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