Rodrick is making progress and I love deep fried Oreos!


This week was another wonderful week in the mission field! We had investigators at church, it was my birthday and we had really fun experiences finding new investigators. To begin with, we had one investigator come this week whose name is Rodrick. He is as awesome “as all get out.” He reads the Book of Mormon daily and fulfills all of the commitments we extend to him. When he came to church this Sunday, I was able to take him around to all the classes and he had an amazing time! He was taking notes on everything and making connections between scriptures in the Book of Mormon and the Bible – this is as good as it gets with an investigator, especially with one that is almost 60 years old! His whole life he has been a Baptist, but is now really interested in the church and wants to get baptized! We are so excited for him.

My birthday was wonderful! We had a small party for me at my District Meeting and we made deep fried Oreos in the morning, which is one of the wonderful things I have learned to do while living in the South. So yes, my birthday was terrific.

Another memorable experience occurred when we were tracting. I’m not exactly proud of my door approach but we ended up getting in and teaching a lesson while knocking on doors at night which is a significant accomplishment. Most of the time when we knock on doors at night here in Birmingham, nobody opens the door to see who it is. They just always ask, “Who dat?” or “Quien?” from behind the door. So we normally say: “hi, we are missionaries” and some say go away and others let us in. It was getting very late in the evening and we had been knocking on doors for a while, so both my companion and I were a little tired. So we knocked on one more door and the response was the same, “who dat?” And I said “the missionaries” and after a slight pause, in a sort of irritated way the man behind the door asked, “what you want?” and without even skipping a beat with my frustration boiling to the surface, I replied, “a bowl of strawberries!” (because I thought our purpose for being there was rather obvious) I immediately regretted saying it, but we heard laughing from behind the door and the door soon opened and we found a man smiling and inviting us in. From there we were able to give him a lesson and it went wonderfully! It’s a story to remember!

One thing that I learned this week wasn’t from what I studied, oddly enough, but came from something I taught. We had challenged our investigator, Rodrick, to come to church with questions in mind so that he might have them answered and in teaching that to him I realized that I had never really exercised that completely. So this Sunday I went to church with questions in mind, along with all of our investigators and my questions were answered! I gained a very strong testimony of the importance of doing this. So bring your questions to church and they will be answered! I love and miss everybody back home and hope you have a tremendous week!


Elder Neser


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