Ramiro is baptized!


Ramiro got baptized!! This past week has been one to remember! To begin with, on Monday night we received a call from the Elders that are working in the Huntsville Spanish Branch and they notified us that the baptism of an eight-year-old girl in the branch was being moved from it’s original date of the 21st to the 14th of this month, a whole week earlier. This normally wouldn’t have affected us at all except for the fact that we had an investigator planning to be baptized with her on the 21st! So we frantically called Ramiro, our investigator, and went over to his house that night. To our great joy, he was okay with being baptized that Saturday in the same service as the young girl. It was an amazing day! Ramiro has been investigating the church for over two years now and has been through a lot of missionaries. His baptism is the culminating effort of so many and so many prayers were answered the day he was baptized.

Fast forward to the baptism day – we were explaining to Ramiro, in his baptismal whites, how the baptism was going to work and what he needed to do. We explained to him that he would need to plug his nose before he went under the water, but he told us that he thought it would look silly and that he wasn’t going to do it. We tried to convince him, but he wouldn’t budge on it. So it came time for him to be baptized and he was dipped back into the water and of course water shot up his nose and after being fully submerged, he shot back out of the water like a rocket and let out a slight “whooo”. We knew it was from water getting in his nose, but to most it just looked like he was really pumped from being baptized – ha! He is a funny guy. Besides that, the baptismal service went tremendously well and Ramiro was confirmed in church the next day. We are so happy for him.

The experience we had with Ramiro really taught me a valuable lesson. Heavenly Father doesn’t always give us blessing in the form we are hoping for. We have been working very hard to find people to teach and baptize as well as praying for success. In praying for success, I had always envisioned that one day while knocking on doors my companion and I would run into a perfect family or person who would accept the gospel right then and there and be baptized two weeks later. First of all, that rarely ever happens and secondly, missionary work generally doesn’t work like that! God is going to send blessings the way he knows that we need them and on his timetable. Most of the time, we are probably not going to see a blessing as amazing as a baptism. We might see smaller miracles, but the key is to notice those blessings when they come and be grateful for them even if they don’t come in the way we intended them to. Like the hymn we often sing in church, “Count your many blessings”, we need to recognize our blessings! And to do that sometimes it might require us to really think hard about what we have been blessed with. I am so grateful for all of my many blessings and the opportunity I have to spend time with all the great people here in Alabama. I love and miss everybody back home and hope you are having a great week!

With love,

Elder Neser


One thought on “Ramiro is baptized!

  1. The baptism of Ramirio}—took me back to your Mother’s baptism…either Jimmie or Mike baptised her. and she was put down two times—think her dress or something didn’t get all the way down the first time. But the second time all we heard was – no no no – and a guggle….ask her about it.lllove yoou very much and enjoy yoyr Mission…Aunt Maribel


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