What a wonderful world!


What a stupendous week it has been! I believe that there are not too many places in the world as beautiful as the South in spring! Maybe it’s beauty is heightened by the fact that I have never really experienced weather changes, so for me it is very dramatic, but regardless, it has been just absolutely wonderful. Walking through streets filled with lovely flowers blooming in the trees, people outside laughing and playing, dogs being walked, people saying “how do you do” and peach and pink sunset skies that you see as the days draw to a close. The tune of “What a Wonderful World” is continuously played in my head and sometimes slips out of my mouth in the form of a whistle as we walk along highways and byways delivering happiness to others and ourselves. The work of a missionary is hard work, but an unbelievably rewarding work.

This week, we went to see an investigator with a member and we saw the heart of this investigator softened during the lesson. It was the first time we met with this particular person and we were a little nervous bringing a member to begin with, but we did it anyway. We knocked on his door at around 7:00 pm. as the sun was setting and he stepped out on his porch as we all stood around and talked about the gospel. It was great weather and both my companion and I felt great so we thought it was going to be a great lesson. Things took an interesting turn in the beginning of our lesson however when we asked him if he would like to draw closer to Christ and he abruptly said “no!” I thought to myself, no? Who in the world doesn’t want to draw closer to Christ? So I took a step back and explained how being close to Christ has blessed my life and the lives of others and then I asked him if he wanted to be happier? He said “yes.” I asked him if he desired to become a better person? He said “yes.” Then I said that a way I know that you can do this is through following the example of Jesus Christ, so will you do that? His response was “no!” It seemed as though it was hopeless.

I think that there is quite a disconnect sometimes between missionaries and our investigators because they think, well it has worked for you Mr. missionary, but I am a regular person. I don’t know if it will work for me in the same way. And that is where the members come in. The member we had brought with us spoke up and told his conversion story and how a relationship with Christ has blessed his life and without even extending a question or invitation he turned to me and said, “See, I want that. I’ll do that.” I couldn’t help but laugh and agree with him. What I had been telling him was exactly what the member was telling him but the member did it in a much more relatable way and his heart was touched. He is now one of our most solid investigators and really enjoys learning about the gospel.

I always knew that member missionary work was important. In fact, we have been given statistics about how it almost doubles the number of people that are baptized when you have a member present during lessons, but it really rung true for me this week. I love to try to relate to everybody, but sometimes it is much easier to have a member there to relate with an investigator rather than just the missionaries. Member missionary work is so important! I love and miss everybody back home and hope you are have a wonderful week!


Elder Neser


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