“Baptism” is the word!


It has been quite a wonderful week! We have accomplished some awesome missionary work as well as some confidence building! In our mission, we have been talking recently about the importance of being bolder in everything we do and not being afraid or scared of talking to people or starting conversations. And we have specifically talked about the need to build confidence in discussing baptism.

Earlier this week, I was asked the question: “what is the basic difference between a missionary (or for that matter a member) that baptizes and one that doesn’t?” In the final analysis, the answer is that the baptizing missionary or member talks about baptism a whole lot more. It is that simple. In everything that they do, they find a way to bring up baptism and to talk about it. In considering this idea, I thought to myself, well yeah, Elder Neser, no duh! That is a no-brainer. But then how come we don’t talk about baptism more often? Having this pointed out to us, our district made the goal to simply record how many times we say the word baptism to non-members in a day or how many times we say any variation of the word baptism in a day – not a baptismal invitation, simply just the word. We were amazed at how little we actually mentioned the word – at first anyway! What we did from there was to actually set a number goal for how many times we would mention the word baptism in a day to non-members. The results have been amazing! We are talking about baptism more and inviting more people to be baptized.

The question was asked by one of the missionaries: “well, what if the people we are talking to say that all you guys really want to do is baptize people. What do we say then?” Your response is YES! Of course, that is what we want to do. That is exactly what we want to do. We want to help people come closer to Christ through faith, repentance, BAPTISM, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. That is our purpose. After setting this goal with the district, we had an awesome experience with a man we found for the first time. We used the same polite and relaxed manner that we always employ when introducing ourselves. But this time, everything that we spoke about we centered on the topic of baptism. What an amazing difference this made! When we talked about it more, baptism became something that was no longer a big scary thing. The idea of it became more practical to the investigator and something that they could see themselves doing. I am not saying that I haven’t been discussing baptism very much on my mission up until this point. I have been talking about it a lot, with a lot of different people. But this week I pushed myself a little bit further to make it more of an emphasis in our discussions! And I have seen awesome results! I am so grateful for all of the wonderful things that I am learning on my mission and I miss and love everybody back home. Have a wonderful week!


Elder Neser


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