A Mission Means Meeting A Lot of Interesting People Everyday!


It was another stupendous, fun-filled week here in Huntsville. June is such a wonderful time here in Alabama. All the children are out of school, all sorts of fruit are in season, and you don’t need to watch what you eat because the extreme heat and humidity of the day takes off all the weight you could ever possibly gain through continuous sweating. It is wonderful!

As missionaries, we also have the opportunity to talk to everybody that we see. My mission has been so amazing and has offered me opportunities to meet new and interesting people every day. Had I not served a mission, I would never have even come close to meeting the variety of people I have met here in Alabama. And if you want to go anywhere in the world to find interesting people, go to the “South.” You can most definitely find them here.

Just the other day, we sat down for dinner with a few members whose family has lived in the same home since 1821. That is incredible! I can hardly imagine the things that house has seen over the years. This is just one example. There are many members in the branch that I am serving in who have some of the most amazing life stories and are some of the greatest examples of perseverance that I have seen – leaving their home country and coming to a foreign land and working all their lives to provide a happy environment for their children and grandchildren. Their stories inspire me to work harder and help me to be so thankful for what I have been given and to be thankful for the family that I was born into. I hope to some day provide as good an environment for my own children as my parents provided for me. I am so grateful for all of the wonderful experiences that I am having and all that I have learned. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Elder Neser


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