Happy Father’s Day!!


It was another amazing week!! The sun was shining and there was a lot of wonderful missionary work accomplished!

We had an investigator come to church this week that hasn’t been able to attend for quite a long time. He came once before I arrived in Huntsville and really loved it, but then he lost his job and when he started a new one they required him to work on Sundays. This week we went to visit him and talk a bit more and he seemed super excited. After talking for a few minutes, he said that he got his schedule this week and he had Sunday off! So he said that he would be able to come to church. We were ecstatic! He is an amazing guy and is progressing really well in the gospel. When he came to church on Sunday, we were waiting for him at the door to greet him. As you may know, this last Sunday was Father’s Day and so the Spanish Branch here and the English ward met together because all the children in both the branch and the English ward were putting on a special musical number for all the fathers. Due to this, all the members of the Spanish branch had to wear translating headphones so that they could understand what was being said. This made the meeting a little abnormal, but our investigator still really enjoyed it! We are very excited for him to continue in his growth in the gospel and keep coming to church.

Also, in the spirit of Father’s Day, I would like to mention how grateful I am for having the amazing father that I do. I am so very grateful for the wonderful example that my father has been for me and how well he has prepared me to be a man in the world today. I am so grateful for the way he respects my mother and how he has made raising his family in the gospel a number one priority. I would only be half the man that I am today if it were not for him. I love him and all the other wonderful examples of fathers that I have had in my life (grandfathers, uncles, church leaders, etc.). I love my Father in Heaven and I know that serving a mission in Alabama is where he wants me to be. I hope that everybody has a wonderful week!


Elder Neser


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