Seeds of Plants and Faith Bear Fruit!


Wow!!! What a wonderful week here in Huntsville! It seems like everybody has their own personal garden outside their home. The climate and constant heat, I am sure, make it wonderfully easy to grow and sustain a garden. As we walk down the street, we see front yards filled with vines, bushes and stocks overflowing with all sorts of fruits and vegetables. There are squash, bell peppers, jalapenos, cucumbers, chili peppers and the most common plants of all – tomatoes! Every member or investigator we visit that owns a garden sends us home with a bag of tomatoes after we have shared a message or enjoyed a meal. Our fridge right now is full of ripe and almost ripe tomatoes, more than we know what to do with. Which brings up an important point – if anybody has any recipes for a dish that calls for a lot of tomatoes, I would love to hear about it!

In other news, the seeds of these vegetable and fruit plants aren’t the only things blossoming. Many of the seeds of faith in people’s hearts are beginning to blossom as well. (Alma 32 reference and an awesome segway into my next topic!) This past week, we began meeting with this man named Martin who lives about a block away from our apartment. The companion that I am serving with now, Elder Kellogg, served here in Huntsville once before and as we were walking down the street one day he recognized Martin because he had taught him a lesson in the past. We went up and struck up a conversation with him and after talking for a moment, he invited us to come see him at his apartment in the morning later in the week. So we stopped by early in the morning later in the week and sat down with him and his wife and had a great lesson on the 32 chapter of Alma! We talked about faith being compared to a seed and how important faith is in our lives. It was really cool because he sat there and told how he used to believe in God, and that exercising faith and acting upon it has blessed his own life and the lives of others. It was a really great experience and I know we all felt the spirit. Right before we left, he told us about a crazy dream that he had about God and how it increased his faith. So we invited him to read about Lehi’s dream and Alma the younger’s experience and we are very excited to see what he thinks!

This past week I read and memorized a poem that I think is super awesome and applies to everybody, but specifically myself while serving as a missionary. It is by an American author by the name of Henry van Dyke and it goes:

“Who seeks for heaven alone to save his soul,

May keep the path, but will not reach the goal;

While he who walks in love may wander far,

Yet God will bring him where the blessed are.”

What a perfect poem for missionary work! This poem teaches that I should find somebody to love and help them out. I try to do this everyday and I learn new things the whole time while I am doing it! I love and miss everybody back home and hope that you have a wonderful week!


Elder Neser


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