Plan it and they will come!


It was a super fun week this week! At the beginning of the transfer, the missionaries here in the Huntsville Spanish Branch sat down for a district meeting and put together a whole list of goals and actions we wanted to implement in order to help the branch we are serving in.

During recent zone training, our zone leaders taught us about setting S.M.A.R.T. goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time bound). So as a district we set out to improve all that we could in the branch we are serving in. The first actions taken were to improve English class and Friday night soccer. As mentioned before, we all sat down and created flyers for English class and soccer and we plastered these around the greater Huntsville area. We went to every Hispanic establishment that we knew all over town and placed flyers there. This last Wednesday and Friday we have had significantly more people attend English class than we have had in the past! We also had twice as many people at soccer than we normally do, so we had to set up tournament play so that everyone could participate. It is really awesome to see these results when you work hard and to know that good things are going to come!

Another event that was a great success was our Sunday night Fireside held at a member’s home in the branch. We handed out invitations to the branch the week before and told members to come at 7:oo pm. with a dessert or small snack to share. The member’s home that we chose for the Fireside was not conveniently close, so we were afraid that not too many people would be able to come. We were wrong! Right before the Fireside, we went over to our Stake President’s house and had a great dinner and then we all carpooled over to the Fireside. There was a little bit more traffic than we anticipated and so we arrived a little late. When we got there, we were rather surprised with what we found. We had told everybody that all they needed to bring was a small snack to share for after the Fireside, but when we showed up, practically the whole branch was already there having a barbeque! We were so surprised!! We didn’t really expect all that many people to come because a lot of people said that they might not be able to make it, but the exact opposite happened. And not only did they come out in significant numbers, but they brought food! It was a super fun activity and a great success.

My companion and I had the great opportunity to run the meeting and plan out the program. We were extremely happy with how it turned out. We encouraged all the members to invite all the friends they could to learn about the gospel. Then we handed out little baggies filled with church media inside and then we challenged everybody to hand them out sometime within the following month! So we will see what happens there. I am so grateful for the amazing members that I have the opportunity to work with here in Huntsville and for the chance that I have to learn from them. I am so grateful for all of the amazing members in my life, past and present! I love and miss everyone back home and hope you have a wonderful week!


Elder Neser


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