We Can Move Mountains!


We moved mountains this week!! Actually, we just moved one mountain and it wasn’t by our faith alone. It was by shovel full after shovel full of dirt. Let’s start from the beginning! It was Friday night and we had just finished up playing soccer with a lot of people who joined us that evening! As we were sitting down taking our shoes off to get ready to leave, one of the members of the branch politely asked if we could help him do some service the following morning for his neighbor who was a non-member. We all excitedly agreed that of course we could and that we would see him the next day, bright and early at 7:00 am. However, we didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves into.

We showed up early the next morning as we had promised and as we drove up we saw a huge pile of dirt, more accurately described as a mountain of dirt, sitting in the next door neighbor’s front yard. After getting out of the car and greeting the member and his friend, our worst fears were realized as they explained that we would need to move this mountain of dirt into the garage so that it could be spread out to set up a foundation for the garage floor of a house still under construction. They provided the four of us missionaries with four shovels and two wheel barrels and then they turned us loose. So we got to it immediately!

We picked up shovel full after shovel full of dirt and figuratively put our shoulders to the wheel… barrels. It was rather hot and humid that day and there was so much dirt to be shoveled, but before we knew it, we had moved a mountain of dirt and had a rather fun time doing it! The best part came afterwards when they fed us lunch after working so hard and we were able to share a quick spiritual thought with them as well. The four of us missionaries that were there were all able to bear our testimonies of the truth of the church and how it has blessed our lives. Then the members that were with us also bore their testimonies and we could all feel the spirit.

Finally, our Mission President has a few sayings about service that he periodically shares with us in trainings. My favorites are: (referring to Christ) “We do his works and we teach his words” and “service softens stony souls!” We saw evidence of that last saying this week because after offering service to this neighbor and sharing a message, they came to church the next day!! It strengthened my testimony of performing service for others (even if it means moving a mountain of dirt). We look forward to seeing them more often in the coming weeks!

Be service-minded! Find somebody to love. I love and miss everyone back home and hope you have a wonderful week!


Elder Neser


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