“That’s fine!”


This has been one crazy week!! I am now serving in Russellville, Alabama!! It is a very small city in the northwest part of the state of Alabama and I love it!! The people in the ward here are amazing and very friendly. They have a system set up in this ward that involves assigning members every single week, kind of like a weekly calling, to go out with the missionaries. So member missionary work here is unbelievable!

Right now, I am sitting in a library in Boonville Mississippi emailing because we came up here for a zone activity. So I have now been to Mississippi! Russellville is my smallest area yet so I have made it a goal to try and talk to every single person in the city! We will see how that goes.

I would like to share one quick experience this week and bear testimony of the “that’s fine principle”. We were tracting the other day and trying to talk to as many people as we could here in Russellville. After tracting for a while, we knocked on the door of a Spanish-speaking man who stepped outside his door to greet us. Upon figuring out who we were and our purpose, he said that he wasn’t interested and at the time he was very busy. So this is where the “that’s fine” principle came into play. The Branch Missionary Leader in my last area was the one who introduced the “that’s fine” principle to my companion and I before our last transfer because he used it while trying to share the message of the gospel with individuals in Brazil where he served his mission many years ago. He told us that no matter what a person says, you say: “that’s fine” and then proceed teaching them.

So our investigator said that he didn’t want anything to do with us and we told him “that was fine,” but continued on as if he said he wanted to hear more. In the beginning of our conversation, he would not accept any of the commitments that we would extend to him, but it was amazing the transformation that occurred within a few minutes. His responses went from “NO” to “no” to “ummm, no” to “ummm maybe” to “ummm Friday?” to “when can you guys come back?” It was really funny to watch, but super awesome for us because now we have a new investigator all because we didn’t walk away right when he said “no” the first time. I also applied this principle in getting the outcomes I wanted in other situations in life and it worked!! It has worked in dealing with my companion, other missionaries, ward members and all the investigators we already have. It is great!! I can bear testimony that the “that’s fine” principle works! I am so grateful for all of the experiences that I am having here in the mission field. I hope everyone back home has a “fine” week!


Elder Neser


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