Zone Training and Miracles Never Cease!


I love Russellville so much!! This past week has been so much fun and so very busy. A lot of super cool things happened! First of all, we had the opportunity to get together as a “zone” for zone training. Zone training is a meeting where we talk about and train missionaries regarding topics that our Mission President and the church leaders want us to really focus on and make improvement in while on our mission. One of the big pushes in the church right now is Sabbath Day observance and how important it is.

I had the opportunity to train on this topic and it helped me to really focus on the importance of the Sabbath Day and how I personally choose to observe it. It is tough as a missionary to make the Sabbath a day that is really set apart from the rest of the week because, with the exception of church attendance, missionaries do the same thing on Sunday that we do every day during the week – proselyting. But we talked about ways that we could set this day apart as missionaries and really focus on it’s importance. We talked about how we could wear nicer clothing and listen to appropriate music. We didn’t make any lists though of what we can and can’t do because that was not the intent of this training. I love the scripture in Exodus 31:13 because it talks about how the Sabbath is a “sign” between God and us. We don’t need to make lists; we just need to be concerned with the message or signal we are sending God regarding our reverence for this consecrated day.

Sacrament meeting is another really important part of the Sabbath and boy, did we have quite a Sacrament meeting this last week. You may recall that last week I wrote about a lady we found proselyting who slammed the door in our faces and then, as we were walking away, opened the door again and began talking to us. Well, we tried to go back and contact her, but we just couldn’t seem to ever catch her at home. Well, I was sitting in Sacrament meeting preparing the water for the sacrament service and for some reason I decided to look up towards the back of the chapel. And standing right there in the doorway of the chapel was the very same lady!! I was so excited I nearly jumped out of my seat in the middle of the meeting. But I controlled myself and after the meeting was over, we got up very quickly and went over to welcome her and have her sit next to us. It was amazing! I am so glad that she decided to come to church! We answered a number of questions she had and we had the opportunity to go to her house last night and commit her to read the Book of Mormon! It was so wonderful! We are praying that she continues to progress in the gospel and feels the spirit of the Holy Ghost as she reads the Book of Mormon. I am so grateful for all of the experiences that I am having and for all of the wonderful people that I am meeting. I love and miss everyone back home.


Elder Neser


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