General Conference Was Amazing!

Hello Everyone:

It was such a wonderful week! We had transfers this past week and I am now serving with Elder Ruano! I had the opportunity to serve in the same district with him for 3 months in Birmingham at the beginning of my mission and now we are companions and I am very excited about it. He is originally from Guatemala and moved to Arkansas when he was eight. So he is very fluent in both English and Spanish. I am excited to learn as much Spanish from him as I can!

These past few days have been so jam-packed with awesome spiritual experiences. General conference was amazing! I love hearing from the modern day apostles and prophets. I truly enjoyed so many talks. I particularly enjoyed when President Uchtdorf spoke during the Priesthood session about how we can’t “unplug the spotlight of the gospel” and then get angry at it for not providing enough light. We can’t stop reading the scriptures, praying and going to church and then get frustrated because we aren’t having any spiritual experiences. That is really good advice for everybody to follow. When you feel as though the spirit isn’t present in your life or you haven’t had a spiritual experience in a while you need to do some “CPR” (church, pray, read) and plug that spotlight back in.

I also really enjoyed the talks given by Elder Holland and President Nelson about mothers and women. Mothers and women make the world go round! I really liked the part in Elder Holland’s talk when he spoke of the man who might be more heartbroken to stand in front of his mother at the judgment seat of God rather than his Heavenly Father knowing that he didn’t do all he should have done during his lifetime. I thank my mother for being as President Nelson said “a covenant-keeping woman”, holding me to the highest bar possible as her son and for never holding back her impressions and insights of how things should be done in regards to her family and all other aspects of her life. What an example she is! I want my future wife to be like that!

I really enjoyed hearing from the three new apostles as well. I really liked the following comment from Elder Renlund: “you don’t receive a call in the church because of what you have done. In fact, it is probably in spite of what you have done.” I loved this last conference so much and in the middle of it, we had an amazing missionary experience.

As we were driving over to the home of members we were going to watch conference with Saturday morning, I decided at the last moment to shoot a text to an investigator about conference. We then got to the member’s home and began watching conference. At the end of the first morning session, I felt a buzz in my pocket and I pulled out my phone and we had received a text from that investigator. It said, “Shipshape and Bristol ready. Love it!” (referencing Elder Cook’s talk). The investigator was watching conference! For the rest of conference we sent text messages back and forth about how we felt about what was being said. By the end of conference, the investigator had watched all but one talk and loved it! We went over to her house on Sunday where she explained to us how she could feel something different about the individuals that spoke and that she wanted to meet them! This experience helped me to see the power within the words of our modern day prophets and apostles. Even a non-member can easily recognize that what they were saying was important. I am so grateful for all the experiences that I am having and I love and miss everyone back home. Have a great week!


Elder Neser


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