Fishers of Men and Catchers of Mice!


This week has been rather wonderful and it is starting to get really cold again!! I guess it is that time of year. I have had all of my winter clothes packed away in a space bag for nearly 7 months now, but I guess it is time to start breaking them out to prepare for the winter. As we move into colder weather, my companion and I have seen that the temperatures not only bring out things like warmer clothing but also unexpected visitors.

A few days ago, we had some Elders spend the night at our place to prepare for a meeting the next day. While there, one of them pointed out to me something that he saw on the floor of our apartment that he thought looked rather suspicious. As we all looked closer, we discovered that it was mouse poop! That was not very welcoming news. So the next day we went to Wal-Mart and bought mousetraps for the apartment. Since then we’ve caught four mice!!! (see the pictures) I wish that finding people interested in baptism were as easy as catching mice because we would have a lot of baptisms if that were the case! We hope that we caught all the litter critters, but we have left a few traps around just to be sure!

In other news, I had another really cool experience this past week, which strengthened my testimony of the power of this missionary calling. Elder Ruano and I went out to New Albany, Mississippi to do a “blitz” of an area with the Elders out there. It was really fun because that was the first time that I had knocked on doors in Mississippi. As we were visiting people that day, we came across an individual that was a Methodist preacher. He was outside cleaning up his garden and we decided to talk with him. Towards the end of our discussion, he looked at the two of us and said that he strongly felt the spirit while talking with us and knew that what we were doing was extremely Christ-like. We have been talking with a lot of people recently and on many occasions my companion and I have had testimony borne to us by complete strangers of the spirit and power that we carry with us as representatives of Christ. As a missionary, I believe that I have become accustomed to the spirit and feelings that accompany missionary service and don’t always recognize the powerful influence that I also carry with me as a missionary. It is in moments like I had with the Methodist preacher (a man of a different faith) and with many others that I realize the spirit a missionary is blessed with. It shows me that the spirit can most definitely touch anybody that we as Elders and Sisters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints interact with. We hold an extremely important responsibility and always have the Master Teacher at our side to help us. I am thankful for this knowledge and the many other learning opportunities that I am having as a missionary. I love and miss everybody back home and hope that ya’ll have a wonderful week.


Elder Neser


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