Blessings in Birmingham


It is beginning to look like Christmas . . . kind of! It is getting real cold here in the “South” again. We get to wear sweaters and jackets everyday now and hopefully teach a lot of lessons in-doors. I had two really neat experiences this past week that I would like to share.

The first happened on Wednesday night in Birmingham! My companion and I went down to Birmingham on Wednesday to help deliver belongings for missionaries either transferring to a new area or preparing to go home. It is so sad to see people go home because, ironically, it seems like the people most qualified to be doing this work are the ones sitting up on the stand at “Transfer Meetings” going home. Anyways, after transfers we learned that we would need to stay the night in Birmingham because we had a doctor’s appointment the next day. We didn’t know this was going to happen. Luckily, Elder Ruano and I had both served in the Birmingham area together this time last year. So we knew our way around a little. What we decided to do for that night was call a few of the individuals that we remembered from the “Alta Dena” Branch where we served to ask if we could visit them.

We ended up going over to one of my favorite member’s homes. It was so cool to see them again nearly a year later. In this family, there are three sons and two of them were there that night and a 2-year-old daughter as well. The cool part about this visit was to see how much all of these people have grown in just one year and that they all mentioned how much I have changed and grown as well. The 2-year-old was one last year, so she couldn’t walk or talk, but now she is running around yelling things and has become very friendly with everyone. One of the sons is preparing to go on a mission this upcoming summer and the other is now in high school. It made me pause a moment and think about how much has happened since I have been on a mission. I have seen and experienced so much!! I hope to continue to grow and learn more things in my time remaining as well as have the opportunity to return to this home one more time before I leave the mission field.

The other cool experience that we had this week occurred at church. We were greeting people at church on Sunday and we welcomed one man in the ward, who normally comes alone, but this time had a woman by his side. We introduced ourselves and soon found out that this was the man’s girlfriend and that she was interested in learning more about the church and maybe joining! It is not every Sunday that that happens! So we scheduled an appointment with her for that day and went over to teach her. We talked about the Book of Mormon and the importance of baptism and she agreed to a baptismal date for November 28th! I think that this experience just goes to show once again that the Lord is preparing people for us to teach all the time. We may work super hard in one area and not see any success, but then the Lord blesses us when we are least expecting it. Sacrifice brings forth blessings! I am so grateful for all of the experiences that I am having and I hope that everybody has a great week.


Elder Neser



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