I Broke My Wrist!


I am going to keep this email short this week because I am typing this with one finger and it takes me forever to write! It was so great to talk with my family this week! I had special permission to do so because I fractured the scaphoid bone in my wrist and needed surgery last Tuesday. The doctor said that I will get a hard cast this Wednesday, which will stay on for about one month . . . so I might have it off by Christmas! The conference with Elder Dube, a Zimbabwean and General Authority, was wonderful (the painkillers helped, I am not going to lie). I really learned a lot from his counsel. My favorite part was when he talked about how missionaries are called to their respective missions for a reason. He said that one of the major components of that calling is the specific Mission President a missionary will work under. He said we are sent to the missions that we are sent to because of our Mission Presidents! We are paired with this person because he will help us grow the most during our time as a missionary. I know this is true. I love my Mission President! He has helped me grow so much during my time in Alabama. I love and miss everyone back home! Have a great week!


Elder Neser



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