Christmas Is In The Air


This has been a great week. Right now I am sitting in the library of University of Northern Alabama. This school is located in Florence, Alabama and we are up here this Monday for a “district activity” we are going to be a part of. The past few days here in Northern Alabama have been pretty rainy and cold! However, people have managed to still get their Christmas lights up and so the Christmas spirit is in the air!

Yesterday in the Russellville Ward, the missionaries were in charge of the third hour for the combined meeting that occurs on the fifth Sunday. My companion and I put together a presentation about the “When, Where, What, Why and How” of missionary work for the adults and youth of the ward. Some of my favorite points from the presentation included when we went over the hymn: “Brightly Beams Our Fathers Mercy.” What an amazing hymn to describe missionary work and our role in Heavenly Father’s great plan. We also talked about the great commission we have been given to spread the gospel in Matthew 28 and how important it is that we do missionary work. We then called up two youth and two adults to participate in a role play where we had them share one of the “A Savior is Born” pass-along cards with their “friends.” Our presentation was timed perfectly because we gave it yesterday and that was also the day that the church launched the Christmas page on for this holiday season. So we were able to share a few terrific videos they have on the website and invite people to share them with their friends. It all worked out very well.

Also, my companion made a really good point yesterday when he talked about how missionaries go out and struggle to teach or even talk to people every week, but with a click of a button, members can share a gospel message with every single one of their social media friends. What an easy and powerful tool social media can be! I am so grateful for such a wonderful church that puts together inspiring media for members and non-members. We should share it with everybody! I love and miss everyone back home and hope y’all have a wonderful week!


Elder Neser



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