I Am Leaving Russellville!


This was a terrific week here in Russellville. The first big news that I have is that I am leaving Russellville on Wednesday! We received transfer calls Saturday night and that is when we were told about the change. I don’t know where I am going yet, but I will find out on Wednesday. I’ve loved serving in the Russellville Ward so much and I have made a lot of life long friends here. I hope to keep in contact with them long after my mission ends.

Another awesome thing that happened this week was that all the missionaries in the northern half of the Alabama mission gathered together for a Christmas party and devotional. It was a super fun get-together. We had a great devotional and then we ate lunch, were treated to a talent show, and then watched a new Disney movie that just recently came out, “Big Hero 6.” My companion and I were given the opportunity to MC the talent show and we had so much fun doing that.

Also, Elder Ruano and I had a really cool experience contacting a referral this week. There is a running joke amongst missionaries about church headquarters media referrals. Every once in a while we will get a text or email from church headquarters referring us to someone’s home to deliver a Book of Mormon or Bible. Missionaries sometimes don’t take these referrals seriously because there have been many times when it turns out to be a prank or a person on line didn’t understand what they were requesting. Other times, however, they are great referrals! So Elder Ruano and I rolled up to an apartment complex in downtown Sheffield. We went to the front door of the building and we couldn’t open the main door. So we went around to the side and tried to open the side door. It wasn’t open either. So before giving up, we decided to walk around the building and see if we could find any other doors.

While walking around we saw a man sitting on a bench near the building and we decided to ask him how to get in. After greeting him and talking to him for a moment, he asked us who we were looking for. We told him the name and the apartment number and he sat up from the bench and said, “that’s me!” Then he told us to take a seat. So we did and had a wonderful conversation with him about the gospel. The cool part about this story for me is that the Lord led us to this man. If we had gotten into the building through the front door or the side door, we would have knocked on the man’s door and he wouldn’t have been home and we would have left. But since both doors were locked and we were determined to not give up we miraculously ran into him. We now have a return appointment to see him this week and we are so excited to talk to him again! I love and miss everyone back home and hope you have a wonderful week!


Elder Neser



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