“Whate’re Thou Art, Act Well Thy Part”


This past week was so great! However, it is definitely “winter” here in Alabama. We have been experiencing really good temperatures because of the rain we have been getting. However, this morning there was no rain and the temperature plummeted and it is freezing! The humidity does something crazy to the air down here in the “south” and it makes things super cold. It might be 32 degrees outside, but it feels like it is 10 degrees. Alabamians often remind us that: “It is not the cold, it is the humidity.”

This past week has been super busy because we had “MLC” (Mission Leadership Conference) on Tuesday and then Zone Training on Thursday. I love participating in both of those activities so much. On Tuesday, we learned some awesome information. We were trained on things that were spiritual, tactical and everything in between. Then on Thursday we went and shared it with everybody in our zone. We learned and then we taught. I retain the information so much better that way!

One of the coolest stories I read this week was from a worksheet entitled, “whate’re thou art, act well thy part,” a phrase usually attributed to Shakespeare. This worksheet told the story of President McKay serving a mission in Scotland and that one day he and his companion decided to go sightseeing. At that time, he was having a rough time on his mission and was looking for some guidance. After visiting an historic castle, he was walking back into town and noticed “whate’re thou art, act well thy part” inscribed in stone over the front door of an unfinished dwelling. These words spoke so loudly and profoundly to President McKay that they became his life motto. He committed to always be his best in whatever circumstance he found himself. (If you have not read the story you should go read it!).

I did not spend time in the Provo MTC, but apparently these words are now on one of the walls there. I love this idea so much because often times in life, we cannot pick the cards that we are dealt. Some choose to sulk and mope about what life has forced upon them and others take their circumstances and do their very best with it. One area where we should apply this principle is in church callings or service. Our Mission President gave a great example of implementing this idea last week. He said that right now he is striving to be the very best mission president he can be. He knows, however, that this calling is going to come to an end very soon. But no matter what calling he gets next, he is going to give it all he has, in just the same way he is handling his current calling. So if he is given the assignment to be the ward janitor, the toilets in that building will never have ever been so clean! President Hanks stressed the importance of the principle – it is not about where you serve, but how.

Two people in my life that I have seen exemplify this principle of service are my father and mother. I owe so much to my father and the time and energy he put in to being a Scoutmaster for so many years. I believe that both my brother and I would never have achieved “Eagle Scout” status without his tireless efforts. Regarding my mother, I remember many Sundays when I wasn’t able to attend Sacrament Meeting with her because she was fulfilling a calling in the Chinese Branch (now a ward) in our stake. I have also seen them pour many hours of effort into an array of other callings and how they have always striven to give everything their very best. They are amazing examples as parents. No wonder I turned out so great! I love and miss everybody back home and hope you have a wonderful week!


Elder Neser

P.S. Roll Tide tonight!!!!!!!



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