“Roll Tide, Baptism in Birmingham, and Remember to Smile


This was one great week! It started off simply amazingly when the Univ. of Alabama won the college football national championship (Roll Tide!) and ended amazingly with a baptism!! Alabama fans have been going crazy! Forget Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for President or anyone else running for that matter – the people of Alabama want Nick Saban (UofA Head Football Coach) to be the next President of the United States!

As a missionary, I am super happy that Alabama won because that is the easiest conversation starter in the world. For example: “Do you think Nick Saban is the best college football coach of all time?” By asking that simple question, I could stand in Walmart and talk to people for hours. So this week has been great for meeting people. It is also great because we had a baptism in the Birmingham ward! We have been working with a young woman for about a month now and just this last Saturday she was able to be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I had to participate in teaching her and to attend her baptism. She has probably progressed faster than any other investigator I have ever taught. We would teach her one lesson and then come back later in the week and ask if she remembered what we talked about last time we met and she would give the whole lesson back to us, arguably better than the way we delivered it to her. She is awesome! The big thing that she wants to do next is to serve a mission. So we are working hard to get her ready to serve one, but she still has a few years to go.

I read a cool passage of scripture this past week during my studies that I would like to share. In 3 Nephi 19, Christ is visiting the Americas and teaching among the Nephites and Lamanites. He ordains a quorum of 12 apostles and instructs them like he did while in Jerusalem so that when he leaves, these apostles can continue to teach the people what He taught them. The thing that I thought was cool is in verse 25 which states, “and his countenance did smile upon them” and then further in verse 30 it says again, “and behold they did pray steadfastly, without ceasing, unto him; and he did smile upon them again.” The big thing that hit me was that Christ smiled! Why is that so important? One very easy way that we can be a little more Christ-like is to smile a little bit more!! I love and miss everyone back home and hope you have a great week!


Elder Neser



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