Book of Mormon Challenge!


It has been another great week here in Trussville, Alabama! To begin the year right and to support what we are studying in Sunday School this year, our Mission President challenged each companionship in the Alabama Mission to hand out a box of 40 copies of the Book of Mormon during the month of January. Because of that challenge, my companion and I continually have a copy of the Book of Mormon in hand ready to talk to people about its message. We have had so many opportunities to testify of the truthfulness of this book during this challenge and this experience has also strengthened my own testimony of the Book of Mormon. I am so grateful to have The Book of Mormon in my life and to be able to learn from the truth that it contains. Could there be any better book in the world to read?

The Book of Mormon was revealed to and written by prophets, compiled by a prophet and then translated by a prophet. There is no other book on earth (that we know of) that comes close to having the same power and authenticity. There are other great books in the world that can help with life’s challenges, but only the Book of Mormon is inspired, prophetic literature. And who is the best source of advice as we face life’s challenges? I think that would be our Heavenly Father and we can find his advice clearly laid out in the Book of Mormon. Also, unlike the Bible, the Book of Mormon was written to us, for our day. The prophets who wrote their accounts in the Book of Mormon knew that their own people would never really have the opportunity to read their writings, so these prophets were inspired to write about what we need to hear today and those principles that can help us to draw closer to Christ and we can read this advice thousands of years after it was originally recorded. Like many people have said before, if you haven’t read it, read it! And if you have read it, read it again! It will bring you joy, happiness and understanding. I am happy to report that my companion and I were able to complete the challenge that was extended to us and I think that I am going to continue challenging myself to pass out 40 copies of the Book of Mormon every month.

One great experience that we had this past week involving the Book of Mormon occurred on Saturday. A few weeks ago, our Bishop brought a crib over to our apartment somewhat randomly and asked us to take it over to a less-active woman who lives in our ward. When we did, we found that this woman was nine months pregnant and really had a need for a crib for her baby. Her husband was there and we all worked together to set up the crib. He is a huge guy and I asked him if he played any basketball and he said that he did! So we invited him to come play basketball with us that Saturday. He ended up not making it that Saturday because his baby was delivered that day! But he made it this last Saturday. After playing basketball, we were able to share a spiritual message with him concerning the Book of Mormon and some wonderful truths that it contains. The Plan of Salvation came up in our discussion and he expressed great interest in wanting to know where his newborn daughter just came from and where she was going to go when she died. We didn’t have much time, but we explained to him in brief the answers to his questions and then set up a time to teach him later this week! Hopefully all goes well and we can bring the spirit with us to testify to him that what we are saying is true! I am so grateful for all of the experiences that I am having on my mission. I hope everybody has a great week!


Elder Neser



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