Trip to the Inner City


It was another really good week! The weather has been great and what is also great is that we were given a brand new car to drive! At about 50,000 miles, every mission car is retired and a new car is purchased. It just so happens that when we came into this new area in the suburbs of Birmingham, our car had about 50,000 miles on in. So this week our old car was retired and we got a new one! Super fun!

On Wednesday of this week we had a very cool experience. Recently, we have been getting many referrals from church headquarters from individuals who order free Bibles. The church has ads on numerous websites now and a lot of people are seeing them and ordering these Bibles. Most of the time, they expect the Bibles to be mailed to them. They don’t always expect Mormon missionaries to come knocking on their door, but usually we get a good reception.

This week we followed up on a referral that took us into Birmingham’s inner city . . . the inner-inner city! We didn’t realize where we were headed at first but as we drove deeper into the inner city with our new car and white shirts and ties, we couldn’t help but feel a little out of place (I got over that real quickly because, frankly, as a 6’4″ Mormon missionary I often feel out of place)! The GPS took us to this old, rundown apartment building in the middle of a very old neighborhood. We got out and there were a few guys just down the street blaring rap music. We knocked on the referral’s door and the neighbor’s door opened and the man inside told us that she wasn’t there. After talking for a moment, he told us that she was at her friend’s house just down the street. So we walked down the street towards the sound of rap music and knocked on her friend’s door. After a moment, a tiny lady answered. We introduced ourselves and found out that she was the woman we were looking for. We gave her the Bible we brought and began to talk to her about what we do. She seemed to be very interested! So over the sound of that blaring rap music and in the middle of Birmingham’s inner city, we told her about the Book of Mormon and it’s role in in our lives. She related to us that she has wanted to go back to church and make changes in her life. So we left her something to read and set up a time to return and talk to her again. I think the cool part about this story is that even though we weren’t in the most conducive environment for it, the “spirit” was still present and we were still able to have a spirit-filled conversation with this lady.

Heavenly Father is preparing people for us to meet and when they need to hear what we have to say, there is nothing that can get in the way of the Holy Spirit testifying to them of the truthfulness of what we are sharing. I am so grateful for all of the experiences I am having on my mission. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to serve a mission! I love and miss everybody back home and hope you have a wonderful week!


Elder Neser


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