Surgery #2 and Listen to Promptings!


This has been quite a week! Everything went really well with my surgery on Thursday (second surgery in the past few months to repair the tendon in my pinky finger that I fractured deflecting a volleyball)! My left hand is now stuck in the “hang loose sign” (because now I have a stiff brace on my wrist and a splint on my finger), so I hope I will run into a lot of surfers here in Alabama in the near future so that I can show off how cool my hand is!

We also had one really cool experience that I would like to share. A few days after my surgery, we were out contacting referrals from church headquarters and we were on the opposite side of town from where we live. We were in a part of town that I visited a lot when I was in the Altadena Branch (my first area). We went there often because there were many Spanish speakers living there and a few members of the Branch lived there also. Over a year ago, there were a few kids that I taught in this area and that had a baptismal date. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out and they were unable to get baptized. As we drove by a few days ago, I was prompted to mention to my companion that we should try and see them while we were in that part of town.

I forgot to bring it up because we were so busy doing other things and by the time I mentioned it to my companion, it was a little too late and we were already on the freeway heading back towards our home. So we determined to stop by the next time we were in that part of town. We were both hungry and I had recently been given a gift card to Taco Bell, so we decided to stop at Taco Bell for some food. We went in and ordered and then I went and sat down at a table while waiting for our food. While sitting there, I couldn’t stop thinking about how I was a little bummed that I didn’t say something sooner so that we could have stopped by and seen them. Right as I was thinking about that, I saw a small hand out of the corner of my eye waving at me and I looked up and to my complete surprise it was those two kids that I wished we had tried to see!! How crazy!! I said hello super excitedly and waved them over so we could talk. They were also stopping in for some food with their uncle and saw me sitting at the table. We talked for a while and then set up a time to see them before they got their food and left. It was quite a tender mercy from the Lord! It will help me to remember to follow promptings that I receive and to pay closer attention to the Spirit. I am so grateful for all of the wonderful experiences that I am having. I hope everybody has a great week!


Elder Neser



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