Absolute Truth


It has been a great week! Today it is about 75 degrees and sunny! We drove to the library with all the windows down in our car to enjoy the great weather! I hope that this means that winter is now long behind us. My finger and wrist are recovering well and I hope that both the brace and splint that I am now wearing come off very soon!

I would like to share one memorable experience from this past week. Every Saturday we play basketball with a group of members and investigators. One of these investigators we teach every Saturday before basketball. This past week we went over for our usual appointment and our investigator had three of his friends there! We have recently been talking about how important it is to share the gospel with others and so he brought three of his friends to his house so that they could hear more about our message. We dove into a lesson about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon and their importance and immediately we could tell that a few of the friends had concerns. We asked them how they felt and they explained to us an issue that I have run into a lot in the South and I am sure is an issue with people all over the world. Rather than arguing that the Book of Mormon can’t be true because the only true scripture is contained in the Bible or that somehow Mormons worship a different Christ than other Christians (all responses you would normally expect from people living in the “Bible Belt”), they expressed the idea that as long as a person believes there is a God and strives to be a good person, they can then live and worship how they choose and will one day live in heaven.

On this topic, I would like to express what I have learned while serving as a missionary, what I have learned from my Mission President, my companions, and the Spirit and what I shared with those investigators: there is absolute truth and it matters that we each discover what that truth is. The world can be a confusing place and there are a lot of voices out there spewing opinions and people with their agendas trying to convince others to act and think in a certain way. And because of this it is sometimes very difficult to discern what is truth and what is personal opinion or bias. But it is a lie to think that just because there are so many different opinions that this then means there is no absolute truth – that you can believe whatever you want to believe as long as you are a good person. There are eternal principles and rules that were created by God, not manufactured by men – truths and aids that will help us through this mortal experience and ensure us eternal life with our Heavenly Father. One of these truths is that The Church and Gospel of Jesus Christ have been restored to the earth today. The way a person can know this is true is by living these truths, having the Spirit testify that they are real and seeing the blessings that follow. This is absolute truth!

After sharing my feelings with those men and bearing our testimonies of Jesus Christ, it was obvious that the Spirit was present. Following basketball that night, one man that originally had concerns came up to us and said that he was going to try to come to church the next day. It was really awesome to see the change of attitude that came because of the power of testimony! I hope that everyone has a great week


Elder Neser



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