The Temple and Locust Fork


This was a great week! My companion and I went on several exchanges and we had the opportunity to go to the temple!! It is so amazing to have a temple in the Alabama Birmingham mission boundaries. In our mission, we can visit the temple every three months and it is always a great, refreshing and motivating activity.

We went on one exchange this week with the Elders that live in Locust Fork, Alabama. Have you ever heard of Locust Fork, Alabama? I hadn’t before moving to Birmingham. It is one of the smallest cities in the Alabama mission with LDS missionaries. And it is all country in Locust Fork… very country! However, it was really fun to go on an exchange there because “tracting” was a little different in comparison to other places where I have served while on my mission (which has mainly been cities). There was a farm in between just about every house and we ran into way more cows than people. I really enjoyed it though. Our contacting success rate was actually a lot higher because people realized we had probably been walking a really far distance to visit them. It was the kind of experience I was expecting when I first got my mission call to Alabama. The “piece de resistance” of the whole experience was that there was this slight smell of cow manure no matter where you went in town! You couldn’t escape it!

Unfortunately, I do not have much time to write today! I am so grateful for all the experiences that Alabama has provided me, even my visit to Locust Fork! I love and miss everyone back home and hope that you have a wonderful week!


Elder Neser



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