Miracles in Wal-Mart


This past week was great! Another transfer is in the books! We received transfer instructions on Saturday and my companion and I will both be staying in the Birmingham Ward together for another transfer! I am super excited about that. This is one amazing ward.

We had one cool experience that I would like to share from this past week. You may remember that a few weeks back I wrote about a couple that we met at Wal-Mart in the Cadbury egg section? Well, we gave the husband, who is a member, a call last week around Friday and he said that he couldn’t see us over the weekend because his wife was having their baby! (one of the few good reasons not to meet with the missionaries) So we set a time to see them the Wednesday of the next week. On Sunday, we went into Ward Council and discussed this family and their needs and the ward jumped all over it. People were assigned to deliver some meals and emails were sent immediately after the meeting . . . I say again, this is a great ward! So we went over to their home on Wednesday accompanied by a sister in the ward with a meal for them. We sat down and began talking and discovered that this man’s 9-year-old boy really wants to be baptized and the whole family wants him to be baptized as well! We taught him the “Restoration” lesson and committed him to reading a scripture a day from the Book of Mormon with his family. It was so great!

This boy spends every other weekend at his mother’s home, so on Sunday only his father was able to come, but it was great. It was his first time coming to church in Trussville after living here for around three years and he had a great time! Hopefully next Sunday, the rest of the family can come and we can set a date for baptism for the son. This is so remarkable because it all started in the Cadbury Egg section in Wal-Mart when a guy noticed that we were Mormon missionaries! I am so grateful for all of the great experiences that I am having. I love and miss everybody back home and hope you have a great week!


Elder Neser



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