I’ve Been Transferred to Tarrant!


This has been another great week!! I am being transferred . . . but not too far! I am being transferred to serve with the newly formed Pohnpeian Tarrant group!! We have been experiencing so much success recently with the Pohnpeian people that our Mission President has decided to put two full-time missionaries in the area in order to keep building the group! Another Elder and I will move into Tarrant this Wednesday! We are so excited. I am going to have to start learning Pohnpeian!

I had another great experience this week that I would like to share. Earlier this week we went to Cullman, Alabama because we heard that there were a lot of Pohnpeians living there. We didn’t really have any specific addresses, but we kind of knew the general area in which they lived. We went to that area prepared to knock on doors all day until we found them. When we first arrived in the area, we saw a man working on an apartment. Our plan was to ask everybody we met if they wanted to hear our message and then no matter what their answer to then ask if they knew where any Pohnpeians lived. We approached this man and found out that he was from Guatemala and was fixing up one of the apartments. We told him who we were and asked him if he was interested in hearing a message. He told us that he used to go to a Mormon church when he was little and living in Guatemala, but he wasn’t interested in hearing a message at that time. A little further in our discussion, he told us that he actually managed all of the apartments where we were knocking on doors. We then asked him if he had any Pohnpeian tenants and he said, “O yeah!”  Then he proceeded to give us the addresses of all of the Pohnpeians in all of the apartments he managed in all of the city of Cullman!

Expecting to have to knock on doors all day, it was a huge blessing to find the first person we talked with give us all the information we needed. We then went to all of the addresses and there was somebody home at every single one of them, even though it was in the middle of the day. We invited them to church and all of them were very excited about the idea. We had 23 Pohnpeians, 4 missionaries, and 3 local members at sacrament meeting this week and we are going to work hard to get more next week! I am so grateful for all of the wonderful experiences that I am having! I love and miss everybody back home and hope you have a wonderful week.


Elder Neser


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