The Group Carries On!


This week has been great. The group is carrying on! The return missionary from Pohnpei and his wife have continued this week to be a great support to the group. Words cannot describe how much help they are. The expression on the faces of all Pohnpeians when they meet this member and he starts rattling off their language is priceless. On the island of Pohnpei, nobody expects a “pwetepwet” (white guy) to be able to speak their language and it is especially surprising when one starts speaking it in the middle of Alabama!

We had 14 Pohnpeians and 5 other members attend Sacrament meeting this past Sunday. It has been surprising that the attendance has not been higher in recent weeks. We originally thought that this Pohnpeian speaking return missionary’s long awaited arrival would produce more people at church. However, we are still very excited about all of the success we are seeing.  The Sacrament was blessed and passed by two Pohnpeian Aaronic Priesthood holders for the first time. It was powerful. We got them all ready and told them what they had to do and at the last minute we realized that one of them didn’t have a tie! So I gave up mine! (see me in the picture with no tie on)

We are still seeing miracles. One is that we continue to find and teach new people. Who knew that there were so many Pohnpeians in the Birmingham area? A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a family of members living in Mississippi. Well, there is an update on the Pohnpeian Melchizedek Priesthood holder living in Jackson, Mississippi – on Sunday we (the elders, ward mission leader and group leader) sat down to discuss the group and in the middle of the discussion, we thought of trying to call these people again. Recently we have had some trouble getting in contact with him and his wife to find out what they are planning to do this summer. Sunday, however, was our lucky day and they picked up the phone. What we found out was great news! The wife still wants to be baptized and they plan to be in Tarrant in two weeks. They see the formation of this group as a sign from God that they need to get involved. We are so excited! I am so grateful for all those working so hard to support this unit! I am so grateful for all that I am learning as a missionary. I love and miss everyone back home and hope you have a great week.


Elder Neser



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