My Last Transfer!


It has been another great week! The weather has been extremely hot recently! This past week has probably been one of the hottest on my mission! The Pohnpeian group is continuing to move forward! We got the news this last week that I will be getting a new companion on Wednesday. This didn’t come as much of a surprise because my current companion is ending his mission and flying home on Wednesday. I am super excited for this next (and last) transfer as a missionary. I wouldn’t want to serve at this time anywhere else than where I am right now.

Every Thursday night, we play volleyball with all of the Pohnpeians. The biggest sport on the Island of Pohnpei is volleyball! It seems like every Pohnpeian, especially the men, have been born and bred to be amazing volleyball players. Playing with them has really made me a better player because they are so good! It is always really fun to play because all of the Pohnpeians that participate are fun loving and easygoing people. Their culture is one based around the family and sticking close together, so they love opportunities to get together and have a good time.

I learned something stellar in my studies this past week. I read the parable of the “Laborers in the Vineyard” and a talk given by Elder Holland that explains his thoughts on the parable. After reading both, my eyes were opened and I understood better than before how thankful I should be for having been called upon to “labor in the vineyard.” It is not a burden to be part of God’s Kingdom and to labor in it. It is a blessing. The real burden is upon those that are frantically looking for work and can’t find it as the day draws to an end. If I am faithful and work hard, I have the ASSURANCE of “payment” at the end of the day. I am grateful for that assurance because it gives me peace. I hope to continue to help others find that peace and receive that same “payment” now and throughout their lives!

I am so grateful to all those working so hard to support the Pohnpeian group! I am so grateful for all that I am learning as a missionary. I love and miss everyone back home and hope you have a great week.


Elder Neser



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