Happy 4th of July!


This has been a tremendous week! I have some very exciting news! For a long time we have been waiting for a Pohnpeian family to move from Mississippi to Tarrant and become a part of the group. Through a series of events, it appeared as though they weren’t going to be able to make it and that the group would have to carry on without them. Last week we drove by the house of one of the Pohnpeian families we work with. There were a few people sitting on the porch outside and when we took a closer look at them, it was this family from Mississippi! My companion and I nearly jumped out of our moving car to run up the steps of the house and greet them. After restraining ourselves and parking the car, we went to talk with them. Apparently and surprisingly, they told us that they were actually able to come to Tarrant to live. We were ecstatic!! The father of the family is a returned missionary and the mother in the family wants to get baptized! We have already taught her a few lessons and she seems very excited. They are going to make a tremendous addition to the group and hopefully will be able to help others come as well.

We had a great 4th of July! We went over to one of the Pohnpeian homes for a huge BBQ. Like most other 4th of July gatherings I have been to, they barbequed a lot of chicken and beef. However, unlike all other 4th of July gatherings I have been to, they prepared a lot of Pohnpeian foods to go with the meat. One dish in particular is called “rice en uht” or banana rice. They take a bunch of bananas and cooked rice and mash them together. It is actually pretty good! We had a great time stuffing ourselves and then we all played volleyball until it was time to watch fireworks.

We also had another great week of attendance at the group meeting. We were able to get a few of the members who live in Decatur and Cullman to drive down for the Fast and Testimony meeting. Apparently, in Pohnpei it is very common to bear your testimony through song. A lot of people stood up and sung a song as a part of their testimony. It was an unforgettable experience! I am so grateful for all of these amazing experiences I am having. I love and miss everybody back home and hope you have a great week.


Elder Neser



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