Hearts Can Change!


This has been one tremendous week! Have you heard of the game “Pokémon Go?” It has gotten really big here where I am serving in Birmingham! People are going crazy over it. It is really good though because it gets people out so that missionaries can talk with them! Another companionship in our district sent us a text this last week and said, “The key to missionary work: set up a lemonade stand at a Pokémon Go hotspot!” We haven’t tried it yet, but I am sure that it would work great. I can’t believe how fast that game has become so popular!

In other news, we had a baptism this last week! It was absolutely amazing and the story behind it is even better. Right now our group leader is an “RM” (returned missionary) from Utah who served his mission in Pohnpei. When he was serving in Pohnpei, he taught a family in one area for nine straight months!! The children always wanted to get baptized, but the mother and father never gave their consent. The father was a less active member and not interested in coming back to church. The mother was a nonmember, but never entertained the thought of getting baptized herself. At times the mother and father would even run into the jungle when they saw the missionaries coming so they wouldn’t have to talk to them. After our group leader left the area, missionaries continued to visit the family and the children eventually got permission to be baptized. The mother was still very against getting baptized herself and would run away from the missionaries. Time passed and the whole family moved to the United States. The children lived with their aunt in Birmingham (and they helped us start the Pohnpeian group) while the mother and father lived in Mississippi trying to get established. Word soon reached them that a Pohnpeian group with meetings conducted in their language had started in Birmingham and that their children were a part of it. They told us that they had tried to run away from the church while living in Pohnpei for many years but that the church kept finding them, so they moved to the United States in part to get away from it.

Then not only the church, but the very same missionary that found them in the first place, found them again. They took it as a message from God that they couldn’t run anymore. They came to Birmingham and for the last three weeks we taught the mother all the lessons. This last Thursday she was baptized and now the whole family are active members! They plan to go through the temple as a family in a year. Moral of the story? Heavenly Father is mindful of all of his children! People’s hearts can change! The church is true! I love and miss everybody back home and hope you have an amazing week! See you soon!!


Elder Neser




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